Happy Holidays!

Join argodesign as we celebrate the holidays with a special tribute to one of the biggest sea changes happening in the world. Generative AI is inspiring us all. We’ve built a few holiday experiences with the help of Generative AI technologies to bring joy and fun to you and your family.

Holiday Mixologist

Discover your signature holiday cocktail with our AI-powered Gin-er-ator, which crafts unique recipes based on your flavor preferences.

Mix it Up

Conversation Starters

Spending time with friends and family might involve topics about AI. Get some help having those heady conversations.

Unwrap Topics

Flakebot’s Stories

Reimagine your favorite holiday stories with a modern twist, as AI recreates classic tales infused with your personal touch.

Create Your Story

Try more festive GEN AI experiences

at argo, we’re a big fan of playing with ideas to make sense of technology. It’s just one more example of our Think by Making ethos.

  • /imagine Yule Log

    Transform your TV into a source of warmth and creativity with the GEN AI Holiday Yule Log, offering a unique blend of traditional Yule log warmth and innovative visuals.

    Spark Wonder
  • Holiday Movie Multiverse Quiz 

    AI-created trivia questions that explore hypothetical scenarios in classic holiday films, focusing on imaginative events that could have happened but didn't.

    Get Started
  • FantasyFlix

    Step into an alternate universe where AI makes up the content to watch.

    FantasyFlix and Chill