argo Quarterly
July 2020

Thinking about the future can feel dissonant when the
present demands our attention.
But it is precisely in this moment, when global
circumstances call for crisp and critical thinking,
that innovation is imperative.

argo is in the business of designing the future we want to live in. Clients like Salesforce and DreamWorks are using this moment to invest unequivocally in innovation. We’re dedicated to thinking expansively about what the future needs to be, and ensuring the world is well-equipped when the future arrives.

With our team working remotely across the globe, alongside tens of millions of others, we've worked actively to transcend our current circumstance. This is what we believe the future holds.

From designing new associate workplace tools, to reorienting the commuter experience, to implementing a fresh approach to financial data exchange, we are collectively looking ahead, in partnership with our clients. To see more of our work, approach, and vision, check out our newly redesigned website.

Social isolation has given new urgency to how we manage our digital identities. Mark Rolston’s concept of the Meta Me — the co-mingling of our digital and analog selves — looks at how a fully formed Meta Me will fundamentally change how we interact with the world.