Arlene TeeHead of Programs

Arlene headshot

Optimist. Organizer. Complete Finisher. As the head of programs at argodesign, Arlene and her team of program managers are responsible for creating the structure and environment teams need to deliver great design.

Arlene studied MIS at the University of Texas and she has worn many hats throughout her 20+ year career, including consultant, developer, sales engineer, project manager, and mother. She has a deep knowledge of digital and understands how to connect disparate systems. She loves to talk organizational change, methodology, and how to work with multi-disciplinary teams.

Prior to argo, Arlene was VP of Project Management for SapientRazorfish where she was awarded the global client impact award for architecting group agency models focused on digital business transformation. In her free time, she can be found going for a walk, playing games, and eating tacos.