Mark RolstonFounder & Chief Creative Officer

Mark Rolston - Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Chances are good that at least one piece of technology in your life has a piece of Mark Rolston thinking behind it. Former Chief Creative Officer of frogdesign, and a renowned designer for over 30 years, Mark was one of the earliest design pioneers in software, helping forge the disciplines around user interface design and mobile platforms. He has worked with the world’s leading companies– Disney, Magic Leap, DreamWorks, Salesforce, GE, Microsoft, and AT&T.

While leading the design of early large systems such as SAP’s enterprise platform and the website in the late 1990s, Mark developed the earliest expression of Atomic Design, translating the building of component libraries for app development to design problems. In the early 2000s, Mark helped define multiple mobile interface platforms for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft, Sprint and many others. Combined, the resulting design work produced many of the key UX methods now used daily by billions around the world on iOS and Android.

During 20 years at frogdesign, he founded its software design capability, transforming the company into a powerhouse in this new field. In 2005, Mark took over as Global Chief Creative Officer, continuing to drive frog’s success and explosive growth.

In 2014, Mark founded argodesign with an ethos of “think by making”—meaning that the materiality of the craft itself informs the output. Eight years later, argo has grown from 4 people to over 100, with studios in Austin, Amsterdam, Munich, and New York. Mark and his team at argo continue to define new paradigms including interfaces for AI, mixed reality, enterprise services, and interactive light.