DreamWorks: Allegory

Enabling teams to visualize workflows previously buried in code

A screen design of DreamWorks Allegory

Animated film production is a highly complex process that requires intense planning and coordination. Expanding this process to a cloud-based production pipeline required DreamWorks to rethink decades of standard operating procedure in the film industry.

In coordination with DreamWorks and DXC, argo designed Allegory, a tool that allows teams to visualize preexisting workflows previously buried in code. Users can also utilize Allegory to author new workflows collaboratively based on individual project specifications.

A message reads "allegory allows for the visualization of complex workflows" layered over product screen design
A screen design showing how to create work schemas

View and create schemas

Schemas are blueprints that describe the process of complex tasks involved in an animated film’s production.

A screen design of DreamWorks Allegory collaboration model


Collaborate with individuals or teams easier and more efficiently through show specific schemas.

a screen design showing how collaborators can share in-progress work


Share links to in-progress work with fellow creatives.

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