How argo’s refined product design delivered a medical device startup to market

argodesign implemented a robust product strategy and design to carry a medical device startup through research, development, and a series of go-to-market pivots to a successful exit.

In 2015, the team of entrepreneurs at Soliton were developing technology that could revolutionize the field of aesthetic medicine. The company looked to argo to actualize the potential of their cutting-edge technology to build a viable tattoo removal device. argodesign provided critical support to guide the company through the phases of the startup journey. From idea to commercialization, the long-term relationship offered the flexibility needed to design for an evolving future.

Digital ecosystem vision

Soliton needed a sophisticated and holistic ecosystem to create a unified experience for every stakeholder, improving overall efficiency and treatment satisfaction. For patients, this includes appointment scheduling, education, and post-procedure care. Treatment centers and clinicians consider factors such as ease-of-use, cost of the device, and how the machine will integrate with other medical equipment in the facility. argo conducted extensive research with clinics in the existing market to understand how they would adopt the device or service and designed for the requirements of each scenario. Soliton visualized the responsibilities and trade-offs associated with potential strategies and confidently established a business model that would tactfully introduce their technology to the medical field. 

Navigate the startup experience with confidence

argo remained a flexible business partner, delivering a variety of services to meet Soliton’s dynamic timeline as a startup. Soliton presented clear visualizations of the product experience and its qualities to secure funding from investors and garner public interest during critical stages of development.

Supported by argo’s expertise, Soliton made confident business decisions at pivotal moments to optimize each aspect of their product story.

  • Ergonomics

    3D printed prototypes of the device were created to explore and determine the ideal form for precise and efficient treatment.

  • Industrial Design

    Sophisticated designs conceal complexity while quietly commanding its elegant presence in a room full of traditionally beige medical consoles.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    argo interfaced with the mechanical engineering team and manufacturers to translate the raw technology into a functioning product that thoughtfully considers every touchpoint of the treatment process.

  • User Interface

    A simple UI enhances the utility of complex technology and creates an integrated digital experience for unique users.

We deliver dynamic solutions for success

Discoveries during clinical trials led Soliton to explore new applications for the device as an option for cellulite removal. New functionality expanded the market with a different clinical application and protocol–and a different type of customer. argo navigated the ambiguous nature of the evolving product story with ease and flexibility, confidently guiding Soliton to successfully bring their product to market.

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