The End of Applications and the Birth of the Real-time Internet

Why we will soon speak to machines like we speak to people.

The next frontier for generative AI is to create real-time working applications from human requests. The end of traditional applications will give rise to the Real-time Internet with apps that help us solve problems the moment they arise—large and small, elementary and complex.

For example, rigid business applications such as supply chain, accounting, and project management will become more dynamic, freeing leaders and users to focus on more creative and satisfying work. On the personal side, rather than typing in an address on Uber, you'll simply tell Siri, "I need a ride to the theater."

This is a dramatic change in how we will interact with machines; a change we believe is closer to how we interact with each other. Like all sea changes, this one will produce winners and losers and will fundamentally reshape the internet as we know it.

It can be unsettling, but in the long view we’re optimistic. Instead of stealing our attention, the future of computing will soon help us better connect with the world around us.

You can read the full article in Handelsblatt to learn more about:

  • The Real-time internet and a future where we generate applications and experiences on demand to solve even the most mundane problems.
  • A new era where we aren’t babysitting our machines or being sold goods and ideas we didn’t ask for. 
  • The shifting app economy that will give rise to Super OS companies and a turbocharged data marketplace.
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