CognitiveScale Cortex 6

A first-of-its-kind interface for orchestrating AI solutions

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CognitiveScale is making the development of AI systems less of a raw engineering chore and more of a creative and operational task for the business itself.

Three cognitive scale cortex six screen designs

A more approachable AI

Cortex 6 introduces a new class of interface for orchestrating AI campaigns.

With interface innovations designed for accessibility, this low-code AI solution allows non-specialist developers to orchestrate code and deploy in the cloud. Now subject matter and line-of-business experts can design AI campaigns that model and solve business problems, then disseminate the resulting data-driven decision intelligence throughout the company.

The work Cortex 6 does computationally has historically been done by business analysts, an audience with little-to-no code familiarity. The interface and overall user experience are therefore of vital importance—it must be sophisticated enough to manipulate thousands of complex factors yet simple enough to use effectively.

A screen design enabling ai-driven campaign orchestration

A unique interface for AI-driven campaign orchestration

argo’s solution for Cortex 6 allows users to visually string together a series of steps that compose an AI campaign, as well as the individual decision points and variables that drive how the AI behaves. The design team mapped an ideal user experience focused on enabling:

  • Business managers to model goals and cohorts in a language and construct they are familiar with
  • Simulation and refinement of those goals, leveraging the code and sophistication of their IT team without having to share that deep knowledge
  • Deployment of resulting plans and further structuring, monitoring, refining as needed

Cortex 6 gives users unprecedented access to monitor and refine their AI orchestrations, solving a critical problem that’s bedeviled the industry for years. Certifai, Cortex’s model intelligence tool, takes it further—evaluating campaigns for robustness, fairness and explainability, allowing users to compare models and uncover and detect unintended bias. The result is more robust, transparent, and fair AI systems that reduce business risk.

A screen design of cognitive scale cortex six data analysis

Significant real-world impact

By combining the expertise of humans and the scalability of AI, Cortex 6 has the potential to positively impact most every aspect of our lives. Healthcare companies can now develop individualized plans through modeling to help keep patients out of the emergency room, offering a level of care that is otherwise impossible. Automotive manufacturers can predict when machines will break and determine the lowest-cost maintenance schedule.

Cortex 6 shifts business intelligence from reactive and complex to proactive, predictive, and personalized. It’s all about amplifying humanity—and ensuring a low barrier of entry for humans to interact with AI.

argo worked closely with our engineering team to digest complex and abstract technical ideas, and helped transform them into tangible constructs. They essentially translated all the complexity of augmented intelligence into a beautiful visual toolbox that makes AI accessible to everyone.

Matt Sanchez

Founder & CTO, CognitiveScale

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