Crafting a digitally integrated kitchen experience

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Modern digital components harmonize with timeless designs to inspire the future of cooking.

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Zwilling’s 300-year culinary legacy, which began with artisan kitchen knives, has grown to include an impressive catalog of contemporary kitchen appliances.

Now the storied brand is embracing design to reimagine its product offering and extend its user experience into the digital realm. A new mobile touch point enables consumers to discover recipes and products while savoring the satisfaction of a digital cooking experience.

Zwilling partnered with argodesign to enhance the app's usability and in the process discovered a far more ambitious vision for the future of cooking.

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Customer-driven concepts enrich essential functions

Zwilling examined its existing platform and unearthed a gold mine of customer feedback, identifying opportunities to maximize value across core and supporting features. Guided by the consumer's appetite, the app goes beyond utility to enhance the end-to-end user journey. Zwilling delivered a purposeful and informative consumer-centric experience, establishing the foundation for its emerging digital presence.

The Fresh and Save vacuum sealer and storage system is equipped with scannable QR codes that digitally organize the contents of your fridge within the Zwilling Culinary World app, helping sustainably minded home chefs reduce food waste, explore content, and streamline meal prep.

Zwilling fridge float

A blend of innovation and whimsical  design thinking

To translate its print brand identity into a unique digital style, argo challenged Zwilling’s traditional methods and introduced fresh design principles. The sophistication and elegance of its product photography was softened with color and levity to create a welcoming space for discovery. Injecting playfulness minimized the perceived effort of data entry tasks required for food storage tracking, paired with a simplified UX. Zwilling swapped form fields for gestures and employed animations and personalized touches, crafting small moments of joy to keep the user engaged.

Equipped with new technical expertise and strategies to harness the full potential of its historic brand, Zwilling is optimizing the future of a seamlessly connected cooking experience.

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