Made by Laura Seargeant-Richardson: Four Easy Tools to Up Your Innovation Game.

Peer into the mind of Creative Director Laura Seargeant Richardson, known for her unique design philosophy she calls “playing with possibilities.”

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Guiding Light: What We Learned from Mixed Reality Prototyping

If virtual reality is for escape, then mixed reality is for enchantment. Mixed reality, also known as integrated reality, is comprised of objects from both the physical world and virtual reality.

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Think Like a Social Innovator: How to Create Companies With Genuine Social Purpose

“Social enterprise” has become a tech buzzword in recent years as Silicon Valley has woken up to the fact that real opportunity exists in young emerging markets.

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Concept Interactive Light
Client Work PEQ
Event Fast Company Innovation Festival
Client Work Wrap
Concept The Wire
Client Work FlightCar
Client Work Digital Opportunity Trust
Client Work Schneider Electric
Client Work Shoto

Innovative business models lead
to innovative solutions.

As designers and as a business, we value doing something
worthwhile, and deeper relationships with our clients enable that
vision. We're cultivating new relationship models that allow us to
share in the risks and the rewards of collaborative

design innovations – taking stock for payment, engaging in royalty relationships, and owning a part of the outcome. For our clients and for us, this approach brings more satisfying returns, both financially and creatively.


we are a product design consultancy


we are a growth partner to entrepreneurs


we are an incubator of new experiences

by making.

by demo.

To create great work, you must love the chore, and dream of the destination.

We love design – the software, the machines, the simple joy of craft, and ultimately the experiences we create. Our highest aspirations come to fruition through our passion for the act of making. It's something timeless, to want to work with materials. Material exploration is fundamental to the coarse process of invention that informs our process creed:

Think by making. Deliver by demo.