Platform Engineering

For effective platform engineering, center the user experience.

A well-built platform engineering process can create a single source of truth, providing reusable services, components, and tools for application delivery to your entire organization.


Platform engineering combines DevOps, product development, and business functions for a more holistic approach to design and development. It is a way of looking at how software is built in order to make it more extensible for everyone who needs to contribute to the ultimate value of a system. Bringing all of these processes under one umbrella can seem daunting—but it is absolutely necessary for any company looking to innovate rapidly for competitive advantage. 

What’s often missed when structuring this process is design—and it goes far beyond considerations of styling. When building tools to enable self-service, you must treat your internal users with the same kind of empathy that you employ for customers. It's not just about a modern interface; it’s also about how they're interacting with it.

Neglecting to put this level of care and consideration into orchestrating an entire cohesive system—Design Language System, UX, application components, and DevOps—will result in sub-par tools that aren’t solving your internal challenges and wasted investment. Take the time to infuse a great design system into your platform engineering process.

United Rentals

Charting a new course for construction

  • Multi-year initiative to transform from equipment provider to a service-oriented platform
  • Unified experience that solves problems throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Increased digital sales five-fold and nearly eliminated cancellations
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Robert Half

Deeper personal engagement with trust at the digital center

  • Holistic digital strategy with foundational DLS and new pathways for connection
  • Evolving transactions into relationships
  • Platform-agnostic component library connects design and development work
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Sams club

Sam's Club 

Workplace tools to enhance customer experience

  • Long-term vision around applications, design language, and hardware strategies that scales across the entire organization
  • Hardware ecosystem strategy that is holistic, discreet, and responsive
  • Extracting patterns, deciphering workflows, and constructing a mental model for a new app ecosystem
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Strategic design fuels the Platform Engineering transformation. You need a team able to dig into your internal operating systems—both digital and procedural—understand them innately, and design for them. You need a team with an appreciation for the dimensionality of platform thinking and engineering. You need a team who understands that platform engineering is not a UX styling problem, but a culture change in product innovation and governance. 

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Design is the missing piece in Platform Engineering

Technology Director Robert Tuttle talks about the role of user experience and design in effective platform engineering.

Platform Engineering establishes a centralized repository that infuses speed and consistency across the development lifecycle. However, Design is often missing from the conversation.

argo grasped the nuances of genetic sequencing and designed a system that goes beyond a beautiful user interface. Their focus on thoughtful interactions between software, instrumentation, and in-lab processes has further empowered Singular to transform interactive paradigms in Next Generation Sequencing.

Drew Spaventa

CEO, Singular Genomics

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