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At argodesign, we leverage technology to bring meaningful experiences to life through intuitive design. We are experts at solving complex problems, delivering products and strategies that ignite meaningful change across your organization.

What We Do

Our work spans digital and physical experience design, product strategy, research, identity, and early concept development to foster bold ideas to fruition.

Platform Engineering

As increasingly sophisticated AI tools shorten development cycles, orchestrating a cohesive, seamless system inside your organization is only going to grow more urgent. We understand that Platform Engineering not a UX styling problem, but a culture change in product innovation and governance.

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We use the power of design to transform research and lab experiments into commercially viable products at scale. With Think by Making as our guide, we balance futurism with reality to deliver products that are approachable, intelligent, and most importantly, work alongside humans for an actualized promise of tomorrow.  

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Spatial Computing

This moment goes beyond a sleek new piece of hardware. It's a new way of thinking about technology and its grip on our daily lives. Our work with Magic Leap and others established design principles, guides, and standards so developers can create experiences that live up to the technology's promise and wonder. 

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Our Perspectives

  • Demystifying Platform Engineering

    Platform engineering is transitioning from buzzword to necessity. Our primer helps leaders understand it and how it can benefit an organization.

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  • How Apptronik and argo Designed the Apollo Robot

    A deep dive into the design process behind the Apollo robot and how argo took special care to avoid existing science fiction tropes.

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  • Marble statue wearing VR headset with geometric background

    Embracing the Extended Reality Continuum

    Our technologists and designers are routinely featured in premiere publications like VentureBeat and Fast Company as spatial computing experts.

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