A cloud-based open integration platform cements Kyndryl’s position as the world’s largest IT infrastructure provider

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With the introduction of Kyndryl Bridge, the company expands its platform into a comprehensive ecosystem of services.

Today’s IT leaders are pulled in many different directions. Along with facilitating digital transformation they’re also responsible for overseeing an organization’s complex IT estate and integrating new solutions that deliver innovation. For Kyndryl, this was an opportunity to rethink how it serves its customers as it transitions from a product company to a services company powered by technology.

Kyndryl partnered with argodesign to imagine a digitized service delivery platform that streamlines how enterprises engage with, consume, and manage their IT stack. The solution lets CIOs deploy and manage all of their IT services, view performance issues before they escalate, and implement new solutions at the ready.

Real-world impact of Kyndryl Bridge

A self-serve, low-touch marketplace with basic e-commerce functionalities is a prerequisite for any organization looking to compete in today’s landscape. argo’s discovery phase quickly revealed the opportunity to think bigger, designing an engagement journey that supports customers across the entire relationship lifecycle. The resulting environment utilizes data-driven insights and expert service to standardize Kyndryl’s approach to sales, service, and delivery to build customer trust and loyalty.

A platform to support decision-making for diverse purchasing  teams

The unified marketplace combines self-serve observability with expert communication and support. Customers can confidently try and buy solutions curated by Kyndryl experts with as much or as little human contact as possible. Buyers can review recommended bundles based on guided prompts, read case studies and customer reviews, and compare offers side-by-side with similar services before purchasing.

A chance to augment human connection, not replace it

To accelerate transformation and design a breakthrough user experience, argo studied best-in-class product experiences across a range of industries.

Our robust research revealed three key capabilities and informed the concepts that would elevate the Kyndryl Bridge platform into a class of its own.

  • Connect

    Bring together Kyndryl and non-Kyndryl technologies, services, and operational data in one place

    Engage with internal and external teams, and expert communities to access people and their knowledge

    Align resources and processes towards a desired outcome to accelerate digital transformation efforts

  • Inform

    Individuals and groups can discover, explore, and digest information when they need it

    Personalized content focuses the user’s attention on critical insights so they stay informed on everything they need to know

    Proactively respond to potential issues and with AI-driven recommendations

  • Empower

    Enable users with the right tools to complete tasks on their own

    Guide new users through unfamiliar workflows

    Utilize automation to complete common actions

Kyndryl Bridge unifies Kyndryl’s unparalleled combination of operational knowledge, data and AI expertise, alliance partners, and expert service delivery to redefine the enterprise relationship with IT.

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