argo's Primer on Spatial Computing

What Apple's Vision Pro means for our digital lifestyles.

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10 years in the making…

Spatial computing will enhance, rather than supplant, a human-centered world and solve critical problems across a wide range of industries. Apple's entry into mixed reality (MR) adds real weight to this emerging technology, bringing us one step closer to the more heads-up, present, and captivating digital lifestyle we've long anticipated.

We've been talking about this for 10 years as both a thought leader and strategic design partner with Magic Leap, helping design and develop the fundamentals of mixed reality headsets.

Our Perspectives

argo has a strong understanding of this space, and a natural curiosity that uniquely positions them as an ideal partner. They are a true partner in helping us bring this new model of computing to life.

Omar Khan

Chief Product Officer, Magic Leap

The Promise of Spatial Computing 

Rather than transport us into virtual environments, spatial computing will enhance human capabilities and amplify physical experiences. This blend of digital content with physical space will fix our gaze on the world around us, anchoring insights to objects and spaces for a more contextual computing experience. 

At last, humans will be at the center of all our devices. 

Interaction Design for Spatial Computing

A new paradigm in computing requires a new design language and way of thinking. Apps are no longer bound by the dimensions of the screen, opening up a new way for designers and developers to build experiences that have never before been possible. 

As part of our work with Magic Leap, we established design principles, guides, and standards so developers can create experiences that live up to the technology's promise and wonder. 

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A screen showing the lab control device options

The Lab by Magic Leap

Workbench for spacial computing

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Fundamental Design Principles 

This moment goes beyond a sleek new piece of hardware. It's a new way of thinking about technology and its grip on our daily lives. In our work designing at the edges of this burgeoning industry, we emphasize technology in service of humanity, authenticity over influence, amplification over emulation, and presence over escapism. 

There is much to consider and several steps toward getting consumers comfortable with this new computing paradigm. The next few years will be an exciting future of product creation and evolution that will, once again, change our relationship with computers. 

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