Augmented Intelligence für alle

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CognitiveScale demokratisiert die KI mit einem bahnbrechenden Toolset, welches die Art und Weise, wie KI erstellt, trainiert und verwaltet, verändern wird.

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Real AI for the rest of us

The promise of machine learning has remained out of reach for many companies. Cognitive computing is still a programmer’s black art, restricted to a world of PhDs. There simply aren’t enough experts to go around to the many companies that could be using these powerful new tools.

But augmented intelligence software company CognitiveScale is delivering practical, realistic solutions that enterprise customers can deploy today—without machine learning experts in their ranks.

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Enhancing decision-making with cognitive computing

Imagine a healthcare solution that aggregates all patient data to successfully predict individual patient outcomes and aid in diagnosis. Or a financial services solution able to perform efficient market analysis and accurate predictions by integrating a wealth of variables and data impossible for human counterparts to match—all in the blink of an eye.

These possibilities are achievable with the Cortex 5 AI Platform, an AI engine designed to deliver a higher-level programming model for the implementation of enterprise AI systems.

AI Platform

Compose and orchestrate AI agents visually with an integrated development environment—your own design studio for custom AI solutions—and optimize performance by ensuring the agents you create serve your key business metrics.

AI Marketplace

A global hub of world-class resources and expertise, Marketplace allows you to strengthen the AI solutions you compose with a searchable library of prebuilt agents, skills, and data sets. Enjoy unprecedented access to AI tools and know-how from the biggest players in the industry and all Cortex 5 users.

AI Systems

Manage and optimize immutable, verifiable AI deployments with a strict chain of custody to ensure transparent and ethical AI behavior.

argo worked closely with our engineering team to digest complex and abstract technical ideas, and helped transform them into tangible constructs. They essentially translated all the complexity of augmented intelligence into a beautiful visual toolbox that makes AI accessible to everyone.

Matt Sanchez

Founder & CTO, Cognitive Scale

The world’s first visual AI workbench

When CognitiveScale needed a partner to conceive of a new way for developers to interact with their AI orchestration tools, argo brought together deep user research, design strategy, planning, and tight-knit cooperation to the complex challenge. Together, our teams designed and architected the heart of Cortex 5, comprised of three core components.

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    AI Studio

    Design and compose AI agents visually with this fully-featured integrated development environment.

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    Performance Manager

    Measure and analyze machine learning data and business metrics to help optimize performance.

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    Discover a universe of resources, agents, skills, and datasets that can be leveraged to enhance the AI solutions you build in Cortex.

We really had to dig deep, pulling inspiration from gaming, music and neurobiology to create a visual metaphor that suits AI orchestration.

Matthew Santone

Principal Designer, argo

Composing custom AI solutions

Weaving together the data-rich and algorithm-complex concepts into a suite of straightforward applications required establishing a new vocabulary of visual and interactive elements, while still providing developers with components that fit into their established workflows and worldviews. Through iterative prototyping, our design and development teams created a suite scaffold that enables not just orchestration, but visual testing, collaboration, and mapping performance to key business indicators.

Optimizing business potential with AI

Even the best intelligent agent will miss the mark if not aligned with business goals. This challenge inspired our design of Performance Manager, a dashboard of tools that visualize agent performance correlated with key performance indicators for the business. Managers can measure the impact of augmented intelligence to optimize efficacy—whether that’s increased revenue or improved patient outcomes.

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Building the AI ecosystem

As a new technology, AI has lacked the open community and shared resources of more mature platforms. To promote this important ecosystem, CognitiveScale has assembled the tools and expertise of the most advanced AI thinking in the world through AI Marketplace, a global resource hub. This virtual universe of professional services and prebuilt agents, skills, and data sets empowers users to build their own custom AI solutions leveraging a wealth of syndicated tools and data.

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The Cortex AI Platform is redefining our experience with AI—making it a standardized and broadly accessible tool right at our fingertips.

In the same way the app store gave us access to all kinds of things we never even knew we wanted, AI Marketplace opens the doors to expert knowledge and custom tools once used to build proprietary AI, making them accessible to all.

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Cortex Suite breaks down barriers between people who have ideas and the tools that help bring them to life.

Our design collaboration with argo has produced gorgeous, performant, fantastic work. They bring decades of experience and the Cortex 5 AI Platform would not be the same without them.

Manoj Saxena

Executive Chairman, Cognitive Scale

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