DreamWorks: HarborErmöglicht die Erstellung von show- und rollenspezifischen Sicherheitsberechtigungen

A screen design of DreamWorks Harbor application members list

Security and permissions play an essential role in enabling a cloud-based production pipeline.

To address these security concerns, argo designed Harbor, which enables the creation of show and role-specific security entitlements. Harbor allows Technical Directors to create new entitlements or utilize templates to customize asset access based on the production person’s role. Harbor also allows Technical Directors to quickly view which artist is staffed on which project and easily change or update their roles and security entitlements.

A message reads "Harbor allows Technical Directors to manage secure access of film production assets" layered over an array of screen designs


Control access

Technical Directors can assign specific access to film production assets to creatives anywhere in the world.


Customize roles

Roles—and security privileges—can be customized based on the film or templatized based on previous projects.


Manage entitlements

Manage roles and security permissions for creatives across multiple projects via a global directory.

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