Magic Leap

Ein neues Paradigma im Computing

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Magic Leap One definiert ein radikal neues Modell für den Heimcomputer, basierend auf den Konzepten von Mixed Reality und Spatial Computing.

A new paradigm in computing

Spatial computing is the next fundamental change in computing patterns. It creates a new reality where the things we do on our devices join us in the physical world, and benefit from the added context and interface possibilities that creates. Magic Leap One and the Lumin Operating System enable this new computing experience and promise to radically change our digital lifestyles.

A spatial computer is worn on the body and knows where it and the user is in relation to the rooms and spaces where the user works and plays. The device uses built-in sensors and cameras to map and understand the environment. This power allows the user interface to seamlessly bridge the digital world and the physical world, which creates opportunity to build new experiences that have never been possible before.

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Creating a foundational user experience

We are working closely with the Magic Leap team to help make sure the core experience of Magic Leap One is consistent, usable, and compelling. We are helping to create the foundational user experience model that supports the expanding field of third-party developers for this platform.

Magic Leap allows for immersive experiences as well as multi-task computing to take place in whatever room or space we are in. This requires a careful curation of real-world object interactions such as grabbing and placing as well as the deep range of simple, friction free interfaces we have come to expect from handheld & laptop computers.

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Building the Human Interface Guide

A product like this is only as good as the applications available.
To help foster a vibrant app market, we also helped develop the HIG (Human Interface Guide), a tool for developers and designers that features the design principles, guides, and standards that supports the app design and development process.

The guide provides the rules and best practices that helps developers create an experience that is easy to use, navigate, and is consistent with other apps on the platform.

argo has a strong understanding of this space, and a natural curiosity that uniquely positions them as an ideal partner. They are a true partner in helping us bring this new model of computing to life.

Omar Khan

Chief Product Officer, Magic Leap

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