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Komplexität durch einfühlsames Design bedienbar machen

Optimierte Software verstärkt die Präzision und Genauigkeit von Genomsequenzierung.

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Efficient and cost-effective solutions are expanding the utility of genomic data and encouraging the adoption of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the biological sciences industry. Investment in practical UI/UX for technical users makes their jobs easier, more productive, and enjoyable, and generates universally beneficial applications of genomic medicine.

Singular Genomics is propelling the evolution of genetic sequencing towards consumer accessibility, advancing the future of public health diagnosed and treated at the genetic level.

Singular Genomics Flowcell

Unprecedented performance redefines industry standards

Singular Genomics is taking a differentiating approach to usability that reflects the speed, accuracy, flexibility, and power of its first commercial DNA sequencing instrument. The G4 benchtop sequencer features 4 flow cells, each with 4 independently addressable lanes, enabling unmatched capacity to perform up to 16 experiments in parallel. The customizable system adjusts to the specifications of multiple experiments in a single run, streamlining the work of several machines into one.

The intricate process of human genome sequencing, which once took several years and billions of dollars, can now be performed in just 16 hours at a competitive price point.

A rendering of Singular Genomics dashboard on a laptop

An integrated system maximizes convenience

The G4 sits at the center of the multi-step workflow of genetic sequencing, supported by a connected software platform that empowers seamless collaboration across an ecosystem of users.

argo designed two distinct applications that work in tandem to facilitate the use of the G4 sequencer: an off-instrument management app to support tasks outside of the lab and an on-instrument control app optimized for the lab floor.

  • Intentional Interface

    The interface adapts to the context of the experiment being performed, identifying a focused and clear user workflow that reduces room for error.

  • Intuitive Experience

    The responsive system interacts with user and hardware inputs to provide real-time error handling and full control for the technician to make swift configuration adjustments.

  • Aesthetic Integrity

    Visual elements are elegant, simple, and clean to give the user a functional understanding of the informational hierarchy and the interface properties.

argo grasped the nuances of genetic sequencing and designed a system that goes beyond a beautiful user interface. Their focus on thoughtful interactions between software, instrumentation, and in-lab processes has further empowered Singular to transform interactive paradigms in Next Generation Sequencing.

Drew Spaventa

CEO, Singular Genomics

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