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What separates the good-enough from the industry-leading is unique, ownable, and impactful products and experiences.

Product strategy that moves at the speed of the market

Today’s evolving business landscape requires a change in how companies identify and capitalize on market opportunities. The traditional approach to strategy is too slow and abstract, and often falls apart between plan and execution. 

At argodesign, we believe the quality of strategy can only be judged by how quickly it moves your organization towards action and impact. 

We do this by identifying critical decision-points, employing evidence-based analyses, and bringing recommendations to life through compelling design and technical expertise. The result is fewer decks and more products in market, more alignment, and real returns to the organization.

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Launch products that are built to scale

By combining qualitative and quantitative analyses and crafting strategies that are designed to overcome the common pitfalls of product launches, we take the guesswork out of product success.

We start by envisioning an ideal future state and then work backwards to define:

  • a compelling product vision 
  • purposeful value propositions that resonate with users to drive adoption and engagement
  • a roadmap that is actionable, ambitious, and feasible
  • a business plan that quantifies the size of prize and impact to the bottom-line

When these elements are in sync, products are more efficiently designed, more finely targeted, and competitively differentiated.

What makes good product strategy? 

Head of Strategy Bryan Guerra talks about the role of product strategy in the design process and how argo approaches it differently.

Services that bring focus, clarity, and growth

Strategic Foresight

Gain clarity around the long-term view of your business and identify key initiatives to realize this vision. 

This is for companies facing a high-degree of internal or external uncertainty, whether due to priority misalignment or a shifting customer, technology, or competitive landscape.

Innovation Strategy

Identify and capture “white space opportunities” that grow your business beyond its core offerings.

This is for companies seeking to ignite growth in a new vertical or appeal to a new customer set, but are unsure of where to focus, or what offering to define.

Product and Service Optimization

Maximize acquisition, engagement, and customer lifetime value for your current offerings with targeted value propositions, business model design, and portfolio optimization.

This is for companies whose product and service offerings are struggling to gain traction within the market, drive competitive differentiation, create monetization opportunities, or hit key financial targets and metrics.

Our challenge for argo was huge: coalesce a massively cross-functional software system into an experience that is a single source of truth for every Salesforce employee and customer. argo provided comprehensive strategy and beautiful concepts to achieve our goals, and also delivered all the necessary design components, along with a thorough playbook to carry us far into the future.

Eric Stahl

SVP Digital Experience, Salesforce

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Capabilities with breadth and depth

Our capabilities meet the needs of the varying contexts that our clients operate within. This means our strategic toolkit is both wide and deep—equally adept at conducting rigorous industry and financial analyses, as well as uncovering actionable insights through in-context ethnographic research.

  • Research

    Market & trend research

    Ethnographic user research

    Quantitative research (i.e., MaxDiff, Conjoint, TURF, etc)

    Competitive & comparative benchmarking

  • Analysis

    Pricing analysis & strategy

    Concept validation and testing

    Financial modeling

    Target addressable market (TAM)

    Product portfolio and company analysis

  • Definition

    Business case & KPI 

    Business model design

    Operations & process recommendation

    Go-to-market strategy

    Innovation pipeline and product roadmap

We prioritize delivery, not just nice-looking decks

We believe strategy is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

We are committed to creating strategies that drive your bottom-line impact. From a typical engagement with us, you can expect to realize the following outcomes:

  • Greater organizational clarity and focus that eliminates costly operational inefficiencies, reduces analysis paralysis, and accelerates white space growth in emerging markets.

  • Increased customer lifetime value through targeted value propositions and engagement frameworks, reducing customer acquisition costs, lower churn, and driving willingness to pay.

  • Improved competitive advantage and market share through refined strategic positioning, targeted feature-set prioritization, and innovative, differentiated, and ownable solutions.

Case Studies

United Rentals

We worked with the world’s largest construction rental provider to digitally transform its business, expand its customer base, and increase customer lifetime value.

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We worked with Salesforce to illustrate a vision for a dynamic, highly personalized platform that would connect product and website interactions, guide extended user journeys beyond purchase and configuration, and deliver one-to-one personalization. 

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argodesign continues a long-term partnership with Pepper to deliver innovative new products in the consumer IoT space. We helped the startup identify the right opportunities, the right partners and integrations, and the right solutions to compete in a crowded marketplace.

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The argo team was an incredible partner in helping to drive our 5-year innovation strategy beyond our core business. The team was instrumental in helping to ground the strategy against meaningful consumer insights and develop a methodology to create and prioritize innovation opportunities. A truly collaborative team effort. We are now implementing the innovation strategy!

VP Product Experience

Global CPG brand

Building the Next Big Thing

In this report, we unveil 6 groundbreaking product strategy frameworks that are pivotal for any business hoping to avoid the sophomore slump and secure its next big market win.

These strategies, honed through our extensive experience and success stories, are designed to help you escape the trap of incrementalism and uncover groundbreaking innovation.

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