Business Applications of AI

How design can help you harness the value of AI and machine learning.

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Why Is AI Important for Your Business?

Generative AI tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT have pushed AI into the mainstream, but are just the latest iteration of a broader AI business story that argo has advanced since our very first client.

Companies large and small need to rethink every part of their business and technology roadmap to identify vital areas for effective AI integration.

Our Capabilities

argo has been at the forefront of designing AI tools for developers, analysts, and SMEs for a decade. Our team of designers and technologists turn complex tasks into easy-to-use interfaces to expand the value of AI beyond engineering teams.

  • Strategy 

    We help you answer questions like, “Where does AI fit into my business?" while distinguishing the real from the hype.  

  • Design

    From making AI tools more accessible to providing personalized experiences, we create products that bring the power of AI modeling and machine learning to all.  

  • Transparency 

    As a member of the Responsible AI Institute (RAII), we work to design AI systems in a responsible manner, mindful of transparency, privacy, and fairness. 

Explore Our Work

An array of Salesforce Customer 360 digital components


Using AI to model behavior and create custom website experiences for every visitor.

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An image of Blaize data prediction configuration

Blaize AI

An intuitive user-guided interface to train AI models, making AI development more accessible to all.

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Cognitive Scale

Scalable interface for implementing AI campaigns. 

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