Kollaboratives Arbeitsmanagement neu gedacht für die moderne Belegschaft

Eine erneuerte Vision, wie Projektmanagement-Software globale Teams dabei unterstützen kann, sich in den neuen Realitäten der Arbeit zurechtzufinden.

To thrive in the era of hybrid work, organizations need digital tools that connect people and deliver projects wherever work takes place. For ProjectManager, an award-winning project management software company, meeting the needs of modern teams required a reimagining of not only the product and brand, but its ideal customer profile and their corresponding challenges.

ProjectManager partnered with argodesign to address these new customer requirements, modernize the look and feel of the product and website, and improve overall usability to cement itself as a leader in the project management space.

An image of Project Manager components

New customers for an evolving era

ProjectManager has a clear goal: to be seen as the preferred solution for the future of work by its target audience. But who exactly is this audience? Since its founding in 2010, a significant portion of its customer base worked in construction with the waterfall project management style, but there was also a smaller, highly dedicated group of users in software development and IT. Here they saw a significant opportunity to grow its user base.

Knowledge workers and other power users who work in the agile development style want more advanced capabilities like dark mode, keyboard navigation, and command lines. Capabilities the current design didn't support.

During the immersion phase of the project, argo discovered three unique user groups whose interests and goals weren’t being served by the current product:

argo was the perfect strategic partner to help us redefine our target customer and deliver a product that meets the needs of the new realities of work. After delivery, they worked closely with our team to bring the new features to life so we could launch in just three months.

Stephanie Ray

Head of Product, ProjectManager

  • A person at a whiteboard

    Team members

    Complete tasks and projects on time thanks to clear and productive collaboration

  • One person leaning over someone's shoulder to help them with their work

    Team leads

    Maintain overall health of projects while keeping executive sponsors updated

  • A person working at a laptop

    Executive sponsors

    Keep projects aligned with overall company strategy.

Unlike other project management tools that have an attractive front-door offering but an inferior experience as you dig into the product, ProjectManager presents a holistic and honest approach to marketing. The new brand identity and visual interactions for the homebase, project timelines, and custom views look beautiful on the website, but are also a joy to use and interact with on a daily basis.

Core tenets as guideposts

To design a future-looking product with solutions to today's work-from-anywhere problems, argo identified 20+ features classified into three core tenets, all working to help global teams deliver more value in flexible work environments.

A screen design of Project Manager project tracking

Hybrid adaptability 

Co-located teams can access interactive and flexible timelines with in-line editing to adapt on-the-fly no matter where they are located. Team members and managers stay updated on relevant tasks and how to best accomplish them through personal daily rundowns, task suggestions, and real-time notifications.

A screen design of Project Manager workstream collaboration

Workstream collaboration

Transparency across all workstreams reduces bottlenecks and losses in velocity so team members develop a ritualistic approach to productivity. Features like video and audio recording with automatic transcripts help facilitate collaboration for better and faster decision making.

A screen design of Project Manager AI predictions

AI predictions

AI project management tools measure the health of the overall project, helping teams predict future events and make smart suggestions to change course or make shifts in productivity when necessary.

With a new understanding of its ideal customer and a brand identity to match, ProjectManager is giving hybrid teams a collaborative approach to work management to help them navigate uncertainty, accelerate digital transformations, and deliver value.

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