A 10-year head start in AI

AI will upend every assumption of how we interact with the built world through technology. Our very first client was an AI company, and we're excited to help make this a better future for all of us.

It's a big transition. We can help.


We view the potential of AI in human terms—as a tool in the box to be utilized where additive. Rather than a solution looking for a customer, our approach helps companies think through how, when, and where AI can be brought to bear. The point is to help our clients embrace change. To see the opportunities that others miss.

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The hype is justified 

AI is having a moment. The advances in generative AI capabilities such as ChatGPT and MidJourney have highlighted the potential impact on every aspect of humans interacting with machines. This tech explosion is no fad. It is, in fact, the next major technological sea change. Businesses don't have the option to sit this one out. Every aspect is on the table: how you connect with your customers, create value, empower your workforce, lower costs, understand the insights inside your data, and more. Change is coming to, literally, everything.

Where we are headed 

The rate of change right now is blistering. The sheer volume of new ideas, new features, new demos, and new APIs creates a volume of noise that can drown out the broader business implications. Temporarily, this will mean an explosion of thinly integrated and deployed AI features. But underneath all this change are a few key common patterns. Once you start to recognize those patterns, the future of human-computer interactions becomes clear. Knowing this makes it much less risky to choose what to do next.

Ephemeral apps

AI will enable interfaces to move away from traditional, static GUIs to more fluid and dynamic, context-aware software.

The Invocation Revolution
Finding and storing applications will be replaced by AI instantly creating personalized, relevant solutions matched perfectly to the user’s need and context.

From captive audience to AI-optimized

Businesses will progressively represent proprietary data and services outside of experiences they control, to AI platforms delivered to end users.

What’s SEO for the AI generation?
The initial phase of “AI as a funnel” will give way to businesses contributing to larger user experiences.

The future will be unevenly distributed

Complex productivity and highly regulated software will resist dissolving into ephemeral moments, but the entire context within which those platforms exist will change.

Your next human user is AI-augmented
Productivity-multiplying AI features will flood in, and AI itself will become a “user” to integrate work into larger outcomes.

The age of comprehension

Expectations of AI will flood into the devices and IoT integrated space around us. The washing machine won't just be smart. It’ll be intuitive.

Enchantment as interface
We will not need to know how to interact with the world. Our world will become expert at grasping our intent.

Omnipresent endstate

AI will break free of websites or mobile applications and become a series of persistent, omnichannel, omnipresent interactions that span all compute experiences.

You got your AI in my mixed reality
AI will become the killer app for wearable computing and mixed reality devices, to be invoked in any context.

Let Mark Rolston, argo co-founder and chief creative officer, walk you through the AI revolution. Mark kicked off argo's generative AI workshop with an overview of where this new technology is going and how it will affect what companies do, how they go to market, and how customer expectations will change.

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argo has been at the forefront of designing AI tools for developers, analysts, and SMEs for a decade. Our team of designers and technologists turn complex tasks into easy-to-use interfaces to expand the value of AI beyond engineering teams.

Builder's Natasha AI-driven application development


An appealing, multi-faceted UI jump-starts app development and scales to enterprise-level adoption.

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An image of Blaize data prediction configuration

Blaize AI

An intuitive user-guided interface to train AI models, making AI development more accessible to all.

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An array of Salesforce Customer 360 digital components


Using AI to model behavior and create custom website experiences for every visitor.

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Cognitive Scale

Scalable interface for implementing AI campaigns. 

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We Can Help

  • Product & Process Innovation 


    Imagine how AI can amplify the value of your existing products with new features or improved user experiences.

  • AI Management & New Paradigms 


    We design the interfaces that manage and deploy AI and Generative AI Systems.

  • Future Proofing


    We create design systems, hero flows, and key features organized to be the foundation for AI deployments over time.

  • Design and deploy AI-assisted tools for your employees. Create workflow-tuned tools and services to amplify your workforce.

  • AI operating systems will shift the foundations of how we interact with computing. Leverage our experience thinking through core patterns and operating systems.

  • Use our research & strategy capability to forecast the impact generative AI might have on your business.

  • Use AI with design & product management teams to amplify their productivity.

  • Build functional prototypes to cultivate institutional knowledge on how to get value from AI, manage AI properties, and prepare for larger deployments.

  • Create visual, concrete visions of your future end-to-end product experience after the introduction of AI. Align the business around a single vision to unlock progress.

Generative AI Workshop

We've conducted our Generative AI training and ideation workshops for executive leaders from Sam's Club, Ascension, AT&T, and Goodwill, among others. We can help your organization learn about the generative AI landscape, come up with unexpected use cases, and help prioritize those use cases based on your current capabilities.

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